Eli & Jen Crane


Eli Crane is the founder and CEO of Bottle Breacher since its inception in 2013. He has been married for 10 years to his wife, Jennifer Crane, who is also his business partner at Bottle Breacher. They have two daughters: Mackenzie, 8 and Kennedy, 4. They live in Oro Valley, Arizona. Eli served honorably in the US Navy from September 22, 2001 through 2014. During this tenure, Eli served as a member of the elite SEAL teams from 2006-2014. Special Operator Crane, completed 3 combat deployments in Iraq: 2006 - Habbaniyah, Iraq; 2008 - Al Quiam, Iraq; Rawah, Iraq; NSW Det BIAP; 2010 - Fallujah, Iraq. Eli motivates crowds by relating his experiences in the SEAL teams and on the battlefield, to the…