Darren LaCroix


After A Failed Business In 1992, Darren Lacroix Took The Stage In A Boston Comedy Club And Bombed Miserably. It Was Horrible. The Headliner That Night Told Him To "Keep His Day Job." Friends Told Him That His Dream Of Making People Laugh For A Living Was Crazy And Stupid. He Didn'T Listen. He May Have Been Born Without A Funny Bone In His Body, But He Possessed The Desire To Learn And The Willingness To Fail. These Were The Essentials For Achieving His Dream. This Self-Proclaimed Student Of Comedy Is Living Proof That Anything Can Be Learned. Less Than Nine Years Later, In 2001, Darren Lacroix Outspoke 25,000 Contestants From 14 Countries To Become The World Champion Of Public Speaking…