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Paul Cook

I'm a 25 year veteran Radio/TV personality and author with one hell of a story to tell! And I'm so grateful to have beaten colorectal cancer for the 2nd time. RESILIENCE, REINVENTION and OVERCOMING are my obsession - and we will!

Before cancer, I spent the past fifteen years as a lifelong mission to share my story of "anxiety caused substance misuse" and recovery to as many people as possible! So far, hundreds of thousands have seen me as a speaker, author, sober coach and radio/TV broadcaster.

My book "Cooked in LA" was a midwest bestseller. The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse awarded me their "Gateway Award" for carrying my message of recovery out to communities.

But, I am most grateful for my years working in classrooms, as a member of Supporting Teens At Risk (S.T.A.R.). That experience motivated me to create a comprehensive online course, which takes parents through the process of utilizing their crucial role in helping their children avoid drug experimentation.

"Arm Your Child To Be Drug Free with 5 Simple Actions" just passed over 800 students in 71 countries. It's my goal to reach a million parents to support them in knowing they are doing all they can to keep their kids safe from risky behavior like substance misuse. AND it all starts with RESILIENCE TRAINING.