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Janna Hoiberg

Janna Hoiberg, the Family Business Specialist, has spent over 30 years working in business, from running high tech software firms to starting her own businesses. She has worked with organizations in areas of leadership, transitions, sales, marketing, productivity and essentially every aspect of the business. She understands the challenges facing the business owner and especially the family business. Janna's passion is for the next generation family business. A family business can increase the stresses and strains that are pulling the family in every direction. There are management decisions, financial pressures, family obligations, and employee issues crowding your mind all day…and sometimes all night. Learning to master this chaos so that your revenue and relationships are both healthy can be a challenge. The family business is in transition from one generation to another. Very few families have ever walked through this transition, ensuring that the next generation can be successful. Janna's proven strategies provide the steps necessary to ensure success of the family and the business. Janna incorporates her years of experience running businesses to share stories, practical applications, and real life experience that allow audiences to relate. Janna creates a fun and educational environment. Janna is the Author of three books and numerous published articles that focus on business and family business success.


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