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Howard Hughes III

Entrepreneur, speaker, and consultant Howard Hughes, III is a native of Kalamazoo, MI, but currently resides in St. Louis, MO where his endeavors and passion to claim his piece of the American dream are anything but dormant. Hughes is one of five children between his parents. His beginnings include overcoming such hurdles as poverty, being raised in a single-parent home, and at one point being homeless.

Having success but not full satisfaction within the corporate world, Howard boldly walked away from corporate America and vowed to never look back—at least not from the stance of being a mere employee. At present, he is a serial entrepreneur with several streams of income and proud owner of HMH Tan & Spa and Howard Hughes Business & Consulting Firm. HMH Tan & Spa specializes in massage therapy and other services relative to wellness and relaxation. His other endeavor, Howard Hughes Consulting Firm, seeks to help men and women and businesses embody their own personal dreams of entrepreneurship and maximizing their success. Through his consulting firm Howard helps businessmen and women with business plans, obtaining business licenses, marketing, sales training, obtain business loans, and more.

Howard’s passion is to impact the world through personal and professional inspiration. Through his consulting firm and keynote speaking, he inspires others to awaken the untapped potential that lies within and to rise to the occasion of personal vision.


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