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Karl Schmieder

For more than 20 years, Karl Schmieder advised leading life sciences companies on how to tell their story to the multiple audiences they need to engage. From two-man start-ups to Fortune 10 pharma companies, Karl has helped companies make the transition from mass-marketing to personalized digital engagement strategies.

Synthetic biology – the next iteration of biotech – is applying the principles of engineering to biotechnology, making it more accessible and impacting all levels of business.

A sought-after speaker and writer, Karl lectures regularly at NYU and teaches businesses how to to prepare for the age of engineered biology. He teaches thought leadership strategies to companies looking to lead their industries forward. Karl is passionate about biotechnology education, especially for children.

Karl has worked with BMS, Cubist Pharmaceuticals, deCODE Genetics, Dong Song Pharmaceuticals, Forest Pharmaceuticals, Genentech, INC Research, Merck, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Novartis Vaccines, PAREXEL, Pfizer, Sony, Stryker, Yahoo! among many others.

Karl holds an MS in biochemistry and an MFA in creative writing. He is the founder of messagingLAB, a leading life sciences communications firm.