Ted Ryce is a peak performance coach, personal trainer, motivational speaker and host of the highly successful Legendary Life Podcast, which has more than 1 million downloads and has listeners from over 160 countries. Ted defines a Legendary Life as one filled with possibilities and opportunities, and one where no goal is left un-pursued. After overcoming a youth filled with tragedy, Ted vowed to continue a life filled with purpose, opportunity, and achievement—a Legendary Life—in order to honor those in his life who never had the chance to do so.

In addition to the Legendary Life Podcast, Ted is an accomplished blogger, published writer and speaker who covers topics ranging from fitness to productivity to overcoming tragedy and achieving success in all aspects of life. He has worked with Fortune 500 CEOs, busy professionals and celebrities, including Richard Branson, Ricky Martin and Robert Downey Jr., and helps his clients develop and stick with high-performance habits that help them manage stress and adversity and lead more successful lives.

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6 Biggest Mistakes That Are Killing You And Your Career

Ted Ryce

In this dynamic talk, life and wellness coach Ted Ryce will explore the six biggest mistakes that are killing you and your career and teach proven strategies to fix it:

-How to take control of your health
-How to insert an exercise routine into your busy life
-Five Proven ways to reduce stress at work
-How to increase your productivity at work and home
-How your lifestyle is killing you and how to fix it
-Five Ways sleep deprivation is ruining your career (and what to do about it)

In addition, Ted presents five practical activities to help you find work-life balance and seven healthy habits to insert into your busy life. You’ll leave this interactive presentation with practical, life-changing information to live a healthier and more successful life.

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