A talent management strategist, advisor, and enabler, Gulnar is re-imagining leadership for the 21st Century.

Gulnar is passionate about helping leaders to understand and embrace inclusiveness, cross-cultural dynamics, and diversity. She enables them to gain a deeper self-awareness, to actively embrace change, and to recognize and harness differences.

Her work shaped by a powerful blend of natural curiosity, strong business acumen, in-depth research and extensive experience. She takes clients beyond what they know, feel and do to a place (and a way of being) that is fundamentally better – for them, for business and for society.

Whether advising, coaching, training, or speaking, Gulnar focuses on desired results and outcomes that include:

- Improved productivity and effectiveness
- Attracting & retaining talent
- Enhanced employee engagement and commitment
- Purposeful innovation
- Accelerated growth of high potential individuals

Gulnar’s approach is defined by three words: Conscious. Culture. Change. She believes that unless we make a conscious commitment to change, that much of our training and development initiatives are not sustainable.

Gulnar draws on an 18-year career where she has held senior roles in multinational organizations, NGOs, and educational institutions across a range of continents. Based in Hong Kong and working across Asia, Gulnar’s clients come from a range of business sectors and include Fortune 500 companies, and YPO (Young President’s Organization).

Gulnar received a BBA in International Finance and Marketing and MBA in International Finance from the University of Miami, School of Business.

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Authentic and Inclusive Leadership

Gulnar Vaswani

Business and society are in a state of upheaval against a backdrop of globalization ‘gone wrong’. With trust at an all-time low, and uncertainty at an all-time high, companies need a different type of leadership in order to thrive in these challenging times.

Leaders today need to be inclusive and collaborative. They should be at ease working across geographies, cultures, and generations. They focus on fostering innovation by harnessing diversity. They appreciate ‘difference’ as the basis for competitive advantage. And they empower and value the unique contributions of every individual in their team and organization to optimize potential and achieve and sustain high performance.

Objective and Benefits

This highly interactive workshop is designed to develop the skills and capacities needed for 21st century leaders. It focuses on the why and how of authentic and inclusive leadership and explores the positive impact it can have on business effectiveness and performance.

Participants will benefit from this session by:

– Exploring the six traits of inclusive leadership
– Discovering why inclusiveness is a strategic imperative
– Understanding the impact of intercultural communication and behavior on perceptions, attitudes, values and performance
– Appreciating how to reveal, share, capture, and celebrate the unique characteristics associated with ‘differences’’
– Learning how to actively and openly embed inclusiveness into their organization’s corporate culture and DNA
– Learning how to adopt and role-model inclusive behaviors, every day

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