Best Selling Author of Ultimate Leadership 10 Rules for Success Chris Cebollero is ready to motivate and entertain your group. His leadership teachings are shared in his experiences in the US Air Force, about being a nationally recognized Paramedic and being the Chief of the Emergency Medical Services Department that was right in the middle of the Ferguson MO crisis 2014.

Everyone needs to feel motivated, but sometimes we need a reminder exactly how that feels. Chris is going to light that fire and get you moving. Motivation comes from inside you, and if you are ready to unlock the secret of gaining and keeping your motivation going Chris is the speaker for your event.

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Becoming a High Reliability Organization

Chris Cebollero

A high reliability organization (HRO) is an organization that has succeeded in avoiding catastrophes in an environment where normal accidents can be expected due to risk factors and complexity.

There are 5 traits of high reliability organizations: sensitivity to operations, reluctance to oversimplify the reasons for problems, preoccupation with failure, deference to expertise, and resilience.

Chris Cebollero will share hardwiring strategies that can help hospitals, health systems, and other organizations develop and sustain each of those traits.

Allow Best Selling Author Chris Cebollero to share his insights on developing a HRO with your organization.

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