Abhay works globally with private and public sector organizations to develop digital engagement programs and innovation projects. Abhay has run strategic development programs for organizations as diverse as The Guardian (UK), Nordiska Museet (Sweden) and Asian Paints (India). His Digital Identity workshops have run in 10 countries. These highly focused and pragmatic workshops help organizations exploit the power of social media to build resilient employee-led Digital Identities. Participants include executives from Coca-Cola, Vodafone, Merlin Entertainment Group and Allen & Overy. Abhay is currently working on a flagship Smart City project with the second largest local government authority in the UK. He setup the Urban Innovation Lab which has produced breakthrough products and solutions in areas as diverse as transport and waste management. These solutions are now being scaled at a city level. Abhay has a research background in Biofeedback Gaming. He regularly speaks on digital culture at events such as TEDx, FutureEverything, Battle of Ideas, Creative Mornings, and Shift Happens.

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Build an Employee-Driven Digital Identity for Your Organization

Abhay Adhikari

This program will help you exploit the power of storytelling on social media to create a dynamic, employee-led Digital Identity for your organization. You will be taken through a structured framework that will help you manage risk and amplify the impact of your social strategy.

You will achieve the following:
1. Understand fundamental principles of post-demographic engagement on social media
2. Establish a set of clear narratives consistent with your organization’s values
3. Empower employees to balance their individual voice with the corporate voice
4. Integrate a multi-channel engagement strategy with a clear B2B or B2C business case


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