Dr. Darria Long leverages the best of science + centuries of knowledge, to help make your life healthier, better…and easier.

Combining her life’s work as an Emergency Room Physician, patient, and mother, Dr. Darria extracts the greatest lessons from medicine, science, eastern health, and integrative medicine, to give people holistic, evidence-based, and entirely do-able-in-their-busy-lives solutions for their health and wellness.

Dr. Darria is a regular national TV contributor, national bestselling author of Mom Hacks, a TED speaker “How to triage your life like an ER doctor,” and Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Tennessee. She received her training in emergency medicine at Yale School of Medicine and her MBA from Harvard Business School. She’s regularly featured on CNN, Headline News, NBC, Interview Healthline, Hallmark, Lifetime, Dr. Oz, Thrive Global, Atlanta Small Business Network, Parenting for the future, and many others.

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Compelling Communication

Darria Long Gillespie

Whether in a classroom, team room, meeting room, or boardroom, we all have a desire to maximize the effectiveness of our communication. We all want the information we present to be memorable, meaningful, and inspiring to our audience. I will share principles which align with the current findings from brain research as it relates to learning, best practices in pedagogy, and performance art! This presentation will be a fun, highly interactive, and multidimensional learning experience that will model the elements that make for compelling communication that moves the listener, and motivates them to action, reflection and positive development.

These tools are available to us all and will help give you the confidence to become your truly engaging and unique self when you are speaking to groups small and large!

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