Josie Ahlquist is a speaker, author, consultant and educator in student affairs. In her high energy interactive lectures, she challenges attendees to think about using social media for community building, leadership capacity and professional branding. Over the last decade, Josie has trained thousands of student leaders and student affairs professionals. Her vision is to provide a digital remix on how to empower leaders of the 21st century. As a previous Student Activities professional for seven years, Josie is able to quickly connect with student event coordinators and ensure a successful program based on their needs. Josie is a doctoral candidate at California Lutheran University and is an emerging scholar on social media within higher education, looking at how leadership and social media are intertwined. As a writer, Josie is a co-author in the Handbook of Student Affairs Administration textbook, and her blog was recently named in the “Top 50 Must Read Higher Education Technology Blogs.” 

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Digital Identity & Leadership

Josie Ahlquist

Josie’s program gets students thinking about their personal digital brand and identity in contexts they may not think of. She prepares students to be leaders on campus as well as online.

Josie will use her expertise as an educator to guide students on how to consider social media part of their identity, and the importance of knowing what is displayed when someone searches their name on Google. Her vision is to provide a digital remix on how to empower leaders of the 21st century.

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