Best Selling Author of Ultimate Leadership 10 Rules for Success Chris Cebollero is ready to motivate and entertain your group. His leadership teachings are shared in his experiences in the US Air Force, about being a nationally recognized Paramedic and being the Chief of the Emergency Medical Services Department that was right in the middle of the Ferguson MO crisis 2014.

Everyone needs to feel motivated, but sometimes we need a reminder exactly how that feels. Chris is going to light that fire and get you moving. Motivation comes from inside you, and if you are ready to unlock the secret of gaining and keeping your motivation going Chris is the speaker for your event.

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Do Leaders Make Mistakes?

Chris Cebollero

Just saying the word mistake can send chills down any professionals back. When did it become a criminal offense to make mistakes, and fail? In business leaders will make mistakes, and we should welcome the opportunity.

In this presentation, Best Selling Author Chris Cebollero will take you through the concept that experience comes from mistakes, and mistakes comes from a lack of experience. We no longer need to hold on to our mistakes and failures like badges of honor. It’s time to embrace, reflect, and grow.

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