Dr. Darria Long leverages the best of science + centuries of knowledge, to help make your life healthier, better…and easier.

Combining her life’s work as an Emergency Room Physician, patient, and mother, Dr. Darria extracts the greatest lessons from medicine, science, eastern health, and integrative medicine, to give people holistic, evidence-based, and entirely do-able-in-their-busy-lives solutions for their health and wellness.

Dr. Darria is a regular national TV contributor, national bestselling author of Mom Hacks, a TED speaker “How to triage your life like an ER doctor,” and Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Tennessee. She received her training in emergency medicine at Yale School of Medicine and her MBA from Harvard Business School. She’s regularly featured on CNN, Headline News, NBC, Interview Healthline, Hallmark, Lifetime, Dr. Oz, Thrive Global, Atlanta Small Business Network, Parenting for the future, and many others.

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Emotional Intelligence, Self-Efficacy & Growth Mindset

Darria Long Gillespie

Have you ever wished you could change your student’s or colleague’s attitudes toward more positive engagement in their work? YOU CAN! The secret is appreciating that all of us, within our classrooms and professional areas, have a profound impact on the emotional state of the people we engage with each day. Whether interacting with individuals or groups, neuroscience is clear, the affective domain powerfully impacts cognition, persistence, motivation, and performance. In this multi-dimensional, highly interactive, experiential, and fun presentation we will explore ways we can increase the chances of positive, motivated, engaged collaboration in all our relationships in a manner that maximizes inclusion and equity in the classroom, board room, locker room, or at home!

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