Dr. Wendy Walsh is a Canadian and American Psychology Professor, Award Winning television Journalist, Radio Host at iHeartMedia an Influencer and Brand Ambassador.
She was named one of Time Magazine's Persons of the Year in 2017 and her voice helped pave the way for the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. She teaches Health Psychology at California State University Channel Islands and speaks often about pro-aging (mental & physical wellness,) gender dynamics and relationship science.

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Future Growth: The Diversity Advantage

Dr. Wendy Walsh

Companies who understand the human needs of today’s diverse workforce will attract and retain the most talented employees and increase productivity.

As a mother of bi-racial children, Dr. Walsh thinks about diversity and human behavior a lot. Let’s face it. Most workplaces were designed for employees with a wife at home. But today, facing some of the lowest rates of unemployment in history, companies who will dominate the future will be those who master the art of attracting and retaining the most talented workforce — one that may not look or behave anything like employees of the past.

Women, parents, allo-parents, diverse workers by gender, ethnicity or or bright, non-neurotypical employees. Substantial research supports the fact that diverse and inclusive teams are smarter and more productive. But to get the diversity advantage, companies must understand the very human needs of today’s workforce.

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s talk explains how employers can:

Recruit for Diversity
Increase Employee Retention by Building Trust and Identity
Use Gratitude as a Productivity Motivator
Get the Fresh Air Effect
Use Technology Judiciously
Create High Group Intelligence

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