Josh Levs is a communications leader with 20 years of experience inside top news agencies and working with corporations and organizations. A former NPR and CNN journalist, he is the leading expert in helping brands develop their narratives, attract positive media coverage, and showcase executives as thought leaders.

Levs is also a top global thought leader on Diversity & Inclusion, helping businesses and organizations transform and achieve gender equality. Businesses have called his work “mind blowing” and “enlightening” and named him “the leader we need.”

Levs has always created his own career, including on-air roles at CNN and NPR, as he explains in his popular TEDx Talk “Breaking the System to Achieve the Impossible.” He describes rising up against struggles, including with his health and that of his wife and children. Through motivational speeches and talks on innovation, he shares the keys to finding inspirations and bringing dreams to life.

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How to Attract and Retain the Best Employees, Boost Women’s Leadership, and Achieve Gender Equality

Josh Levs

As the top global thought leader on this topic with a unique focus, Josh Levs is invited to businesses and summits all over the world to provide invaluable information and guidance.

“Josh is a master of presenting compelling and complex subject matter in an easy-to-understand approach that makes you want to get and join the crusade.  Every company and place of higher learning should be required to have Josh present.” – Walter J. McDonald, Barclaycard

“Josh’s talk was brilliant, engaging, and thought provoking. Hard facts helped dispel myths and highlighted the tangible social and economic benefits in having a more equal balance between the sexes. Most importantly, it was heartfelt and delivered with humor.” – Rachel Jacobs, Financial Times Women at The Top

“Josh Levs was fabulous! A riveting storyteller with a powerful message that will empower men and women. The event was packed (standing room only) and it opened up great conversations that continued long after the event was over.” – Katrina Alcorn, General Electric

“Josh, it was the highlight of the day. You’re a role model.” – Roberta Guise, Bay Area Women’s Summit

His “groundbreaking” book “should be mandatory reading for every CEO, HR, benefits and similar” professional. – Debra Isaacs Schafer, CEO, Education Navigation

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In this program, you’ll learn:

– The secret reality that’s making both men and women struggle with work-life conflict
– The policies proven to create a level playing field
– The benefits that increase profits and women’s leadership, while taking nothing away from men
– How to create the most inclusive cultures for men and women
– Why many of the facts and studies often cited in the news are wrong
– How a business of any size can benefit from these changes

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