For the past 10 years, Stuart Walter has served as a Professional Hypnotherapist and NLP specialist for elite athletes and entrepreneurs to be a better version of themselves.

Regarded as Australia's #1 for sports hypnosis and with 32 World Champions as clients, who would argue? Stuart has directly impacted the lives of thousands of people. He is highly respected as an authority for developing systems and strategies for accelerated and lasting transformations. Around Australia and now building demand overseas in Europe, Canada and the USA, Stuart is sought after by sports coaches, elite athletes and entrepreneurs for mindset success training.

His difference is the ability to tap into and work the unconscious mind that is 95% of how we think act and behave. Getting into the part of the mind that allows new decisions to be made and long lasting and immediate change is the result.

Stuart is a published Author and his book ‘The Dear Diary Process' is transforming lives around the world, overnight. This powerful process integrates all the self-development and motivational products and programs into 1, creating long-lasting change and motivation to keep achieving.

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Keep your eyes on the Target

Stuart Walter

The Target Process

Considered a master in his profession, Stuart has this ability to understand human behavior and completely turn “normal” on its head to create simple and very powerful processes that work the way human minds are designed to work.

The way Stuart has turned goal setting on its head and he has the experts scratching their theirs.

Like the “post-it notes” seemed like a simple idea when you see them in your hand, it took an amazing “out of the box” thinker to create them.

The Target Process has been developed over the last 11 years by combining proven scientific principles, psychological theories, many NLP and hypnosis processes, law of attraction concepts, and “Nine basic fundamentals of the human mind” that Stuart has noted, and tested with over 7500 of his clients during this time.

A corporate team in Australia noted a 50% increase in profits and customer satisfaction within three months of implementing the “Target Process” and they were already a $2 million company.

Key takeaways:

– A single point of focus in life
– Ability to make the right decisions
– A process that you can take control of your life
– Access to a step-by-step template to create your own Process
– A workbook to help you determine your goals
– This process reduces stress and worry – and sick days!
– Eliminates distractions, self-sabotaging, and procrastination
– Re-motivates instantly when reviewed
– Gives you back balance in life
– For companies, it empowers the work environment
– It builds team cohesion in sporting teams
– Stops jealousy and undermining
– Lifts the energy in a team
– Promotes positive thinking and actions
– Enhances intuition and gut reactions
– Changes habits to suit who you WILL be.

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