Scott Mautz

I'm a former senior Procter & Gamble executive that successfully ran 4 separate, multi-billion dollar businesses, a three-time award winning author including the #1 Amazon bestseller in Management Science "Leading from the Middle," faculty at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business for Exec. Ed., and a former columnist for with nearly 2 million monthly readers.

Clients consistently tell me I held their audience spellbound with a one-of-a-kind blend of business experience, fascinating research, storytelling, tools, and hi-octane delivery that opens hearts and minds. I'm told audiences always walk away inspired and equipped to take action with the host of practical tools/insights I provide.

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Leading from the Middle

Scott Mautz

No group has a bigger impact on an organization than those who must lead from the middle of that organization – those who have a boss and are a boss, who must lead up, down, and across as part of their job. This keynote draws from research with thousands of successful “middle managers” across a wide variety of organizations to give the audience the inspiration, insights, and pragmatic tools they need to truly excel in their vital role.

The audience learns the SCOPE framework which outlines the unique challenges of those who lead from the messy middle. They learn the key skillset and mindset elements required to succeed in their job and are moved to take pride in being the backbone of their organization.

To lead up the organization brilliantly, the audience learns how to build better relationships with their boss, how to get crystal clear on expectations, and more.
To lead down the organization with excellence, they learn how to pinpoint what an employee needs to improve upon, how to give transformative feedback, and more.
To lead across the organization with savvy they learn things such as how to deal with difficult co-workers, the key to influencing peers, and more.

This powerful keynote draws from the book Leading from the Middle: A Playbook for Managers to Influence Up, Down, and Across the Organization. It’s wrapped in passionate oratory with fascinating research and compelling stories that will keep the audience riveted the entire time. A robust toolkit is also provided for the audience so that they can immediately put into practice what they just heard.

Being in the middle doesn’t mean being stuck in the middle. It means a chance to lead– in every direction. It’s a badge of pride. And now your audience will have the tools and inspiration to do it brilliantly.

Length: 60-75 minutes

Target audience: Anyone who has a boss and is a boss (or aspires to be a boss/manager of others someday); anyone who wants to improve their skills at leading from the middle of their organization.

The audience walks away with:

– a sense that they are understood and appreciated –
– a sense of community in that they’re not alone in dealing with the unique challenges they face –
– inspiration, insight, and specific tools to help them lead brilliantly up, down, and across their organization –
– a deep sense of personal inspiration/motivation/energy –


  • Middle managers are the backbone of any organization - a role that should be a source of pride!
  • Understand the unique challenges middle managers face, and learn the mindset and skillset required to succeed
  • Learn how to effectively influence up, down, and across the organization

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