For the past 10 years, Stuart Walter has served as a Professional Hypnotherapist and NLP specialist for elite athletes and entrepreneurs to be a better version of themselves.

Regarded as Australia's #1 for sports hypnosis and with 32 World Champions as clients, who would argue? Stuart has directly impacted the lives of thousands of people. He is highly respected as an authority for developing systems and strategies for accelerated and lasting transformations. Around Australia and now building demand overseas in Europe, Canada and the USA, Stuart is sought after by sports coaches, elite athletes and entrepreneurs for mindset success training.

His difference is the ability to tap into and work the unconscious mind that is 95% of how we think act and behave. Getting into the part of the mind that allows new decisions to be made and long lasting and immediate change is the result.

Stuart is a published Author and his book ‘The Dear Diary Process' is transforming lives around the world, overnight. This powerful process integrates all the self-development and motivational products and programs into 1, creating long-lasting change and motivation to keep achieving.

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Make your brain work for you – not against you.

Stuart Walter

The power of the mind in business and life is only starting to be explored as a real alternative to dealing with the fast-paced world we created for ourselves.

Spend an hour with Stuart and he will have you thinking and behaving differently.

The brain is incredibly powerful and incredibly stupid…how we use it will determine the results that you will notice in business and life. If you have a team of 15 and all are going in different directions, what do you think would happen if Stuart motivated them? They would go in 15 different directions faster!

This presentation is a specific presentation that is tailored to your sporting or corporate teams’ needs.

And company CEO’s, there is a serious financial benefit in this presentation. You may think it is about slowing down the team, but you will be the overall winner out of a happier and more productive workplace.

You have reached a time in life where you are looking for that edge in business, sport, and life. This may just be it!

You want more stuff and you want more balance in life.
You want to be more effective at work and you want more time at home.
You spend time with your loved ones and you feel guilty that you are not working harder.

Success is an attitude, success is in the mind; the best place to harness this power is when you are at a pace that you can handle life and opportunities. Taking time to understand how the mind works will open up a whole new world of awesome in your business and those that you have a duty to care for.

In this presentation, Stuart Introduces “The Nine Fundamentals of the Human Mind” to create an awareness of how the mind works and builds it into your specific industry or company. Understanding these nine fundamentals will make sense of everything you do as a company, as a team, and as individuals. This is an incredibly powerful presentation that will remain with everyone as they go about their lives from that day. Knowing why people do (or don’t do) something when it comes to self-sabotage and procrastination has always been perplexing. This will give you a real in-depth look into the mind—more specifically, the unconscious mind.

The unconscious mind is where the automatic responses are stored; 95% of how we think, act, and behave is stored here, along with all the memories and emotions of past experiences. These experiences form our “model of the world” and our model of the world will begin to change as result of applying each of the nine fundamentals into our lives.

And all those who attend this will have access to a very powerful tool that they can use as a takeaway to help them on their journey: the eBook version of Stuart’s published book, “The Dear Diary Process.” The book alone is transforming lives around the world…while they sleep.

Talk soon – very soon.

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