Ruzana is many things, but professionally speaking she plays a dual role as a co-founder of brightmeetsbrave.com and a successful sourcing professional.

Master of difficult conversations that often arise in business transactions as well as a fierce people leader, Ruzana's expertise and passion lies in women empowerment, negotiations and relationship management.

She's had the privilege of working for manufacturing and retail companies, in the US and abroad, for large corporations as well as small privately held firms.

Ruzana's beliefs: curiosity, resilience and character are what moves the world forward.

Having the experience of growing up in Russia, moving to the US on her own at a young age and rising to success through determination, collaboration and continuous learning, Ruzana has a unique perspective of global culture of business.

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Negotiations: Goals, Process, Results

Ruzana Glaeser

Negotiations are everywhere, in business and life. Sales, Legal, Marketing, Sourcing, IT – whether you are negotiating with outside sources such as suppliers and agents, or inside teams for resources, you need to know how to navigate the art of negotiations to reach not only success but strengthen relationships in the process.

As a fierce negotiator with an agile style, Ruzana can lead you to refine your negotiation skills and put into practice some techniques that guarantee amazing results. Explore the art of negotiations, from the preparation step through reflection phase, and start training your muscle in this arena.

Having the experience of working abroad and leading multi-cultural negotiations, Ruzana shares unique perspective on negotiating with different cultures.


  • Prep - what it is and how to do it
  • Process - what tactics work and why
  • Pitfalls - mistakes to avoid or how to correct course

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