Dennis R. Deaton is the Co-founder and CEO of Quma Learning Systems; the chief designer of Quma’s most sought-after seminars, including Ownership Spirit®, Visioneering, and Destination Thinking for Leaders®; and an award-winning author. Among the clients for whom Dennis has done extensive classroom training are: Boeing, CenturyLink, Charles Schwab, DuPont, Honeywell, Intel, Medtronic, Motorola, Texas Instruments, United Launch Alliance, University of Phoenix and Universal Technical Institute.

Dr. Deaton is a popular speaker at conferences, international meetings, and conventions, and author of five books, including “Ownership Spirit: The One Grand Key that Changes Everything Else,” which was the 2009 National Best Books Award Winner in the Business Motivational category. Dennis received his doctorate degree, cum laude, from Washington University in St. Louis, and is the creator of an internationally-acclaimed human development curriculum taught worldwide in over eight languages.

Dennis has been described as “A man with something to say, and the gift to say it.”

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Ownership Spirit: The One Grand Key that Changes Everything Else

Dr Dennis R Deaton

Ownership Spirit: The One Grand Key that Changes Everything Else

Is this you?

Your company—your team—has potential for significant growth. Yet you’re not getting there because of the “human factor.” Your people are reluctant to change; hesitant to step up, grasp your vision, and run with it. They resent and resist rather than adapt and adopt. They wait to be told what to do, stuck in “we’ve always done it this way” mentality. They shift responsibility. They often make excuses. They blame—quick to point out problems and slow to act on solving them on their own.

Could it be that your people aren’t doing any of this intentionally?

Could it be that they flatly lack the mental skillset to respond rather than react?

Teach them how to deal effectively with change, challenges, and adversity

The Ownership Spirit® has a twenty-year track record of changing individuals and teams from the inside out. Dr. Deaton will show people the unlimited benefits they gain by shifting from Victim thinking to Ownership thinking—awakening them to the personal power they have to change and improve every aspect of their lives by taking full ownership of their thinking processes.

What if you stopped trying to “hold people accountable” and focused on building accountable people?!

Main objective – The Ownership Spirit®

At the core, great organizations are made and driven by:

– tough-minded, accountable people
– people who readily respond to change and are the cause of change
– people who thrive on reaching lofty goals and exceeding expectations
– people who refuse to think like victims and habitually think like owners
– people who can “seize the day” in times of uncertainty and create a new future
– people capable of sustaining constructive problem-solving amid daunting challenges
– people with character!

These characteristics all stem from the fundamental mindset of Ownership–personal responsibility and self-accountability. Once people recognize their ability to apply this mindset, and experience the increased growth and fulfillment that comes from taking charge of their outcomes, they are never the same.

(This training is most often presented in a 2-hour format.)

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