You Come From the Future

Jason Feifer

Times of great disruption can be times of great opportunity — but how do you take advantage of it? In this high-energy, dynamic, multi-media virtual talk, Jason Feifer breaks down… read more.


7 Keys to building relationships that transform culture and drive productivity

Mo Fathelbab

Based on Mo’s extensive work with over 20,000 CEOs to build trust and develop meaningful connections, Mo’s Keynote is educational, interactive and moving. In this session you’ll learn powerful lessons… read more.


It’s a Match – Finding Your Dream Financial Team

Leisa Peterson

A presentation to help employees learn how to make better decisions when it comes to finding financial professionals to help them in planning for their future. read more.


TLS Continuum Webinar Series: Delivering Results-Oriented Solutions that Empowers Organizational Change

Daniel Bloom

This webinar will look at the definition of a process along with the role that processes play n our organizational operations. Along with the discussion of what a process is,… read more.


Networking Needs A Rebrand!

J. Kelly Hoey

We know networking is a critical softskill, so why do we shy away or avoid this necessary career activity? Here’s why: networking conjures up more than few negative images of… read more.


Build Your Dream [Virtual] Network

J. Kelly Hoey

Can you build a powerful, dream network in a virtual world? Networking expert J. Kelly Hoey, author of Build Your Dream Network: Forging Powerful Relationships In A Hyper-Connected World, firmly… read more.


Intersectionality in the Workplace

Dr. Lisa D. Jenkins

The goal of this presentation will be to define intersectionality  as “traffic at a crossroad” creating “multiple oppressions.” The duress caused by “systemic traffic” affects employees and other individuals with… read more.


Intergenerational Communication

Dr. Lisa D. Jenkins

For the first time, organizations often have 5 generations working together in one location. This program is perfect for employees and volunteers who desire to bridge the gaps in intergenerational… read more.


Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Dr. Lisa D. Jenkins

Diverse organizations have both challenges and opportunities. If navigated effectively the rewards are great! Seminar/workshop includes current practices and current thinking.  This interactive session includes topics such as bias, accountability,… read more.


Navigating Multicultural Spaces

Dr. Lisa D. Jenkins

This presentation is perfect for employees and volunteers at all levels who are part of a multicultural team and who desire to leverage differences for a successful and productive outcome…. read more.