For the past 10 years, Stuart Walter has served as a Professional Hypnotherapist and NLP specialist for elite athletes and entrepreneurs to be a better version of themselves.

Regarded as Australia's #1 for sports hypnosis and with 32 World Champions as clients, who would argue? Stuart has directly impacted the lives of thousands of people. He is highly respected as an authority for developing systems and strategies for accelerated and lasting transformations. Around Australia and now building demand overseas in Europe, Canada and the USA, Stuart is sought after by sports coaches, elite athletes and entrepreneurs for mindset success training.

His difference is the ability to tap into and work the unconscious mind that is 95% of how we think act and behave. Getting into the part of the mind that allows new decisions to be made and long lasting and immediate change is the result.

Stuart is a published Author and his book ‘The Dear Diary Process' is transforming lives around the world, overnight. This powerful process integrates all the self-development and motivational products and programs into 1, creating long-lasting change and motivation to keep achieving.

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Peak Performance Secrets of World Champions

Stuart Walter

Elite athletes spend 4-6 hours a day

Six days a week

For 10 years

For one event

Every four years

That can last for less than 10 seconds.

How do they deal with these pressures? How do they train their minds? How can we do that for our team? How can they get instantly “in the zone”? How do they play consistently at this level?

Want to know what the Secret is?

32 World Champions choose the Athlete’s Secret Weapon for one reason: results!

The Secret is Stuart Walter, a results-driven practitioner…and he has no problem in saying he can help any athlete, any team, at any level, anywhere in the world to achieve better and more consistent results.

Peak performance mindset is being sharp, relaxed, and in the zone under pressure and when it matters. What Stuart does and how he does it is fascinating—having a group of elite champions come together as one and step up as an inspired, confident, and cohesive team just 30 mins later is a sight to see…

How this happens is by accessing the deeper levels of the unconscious mind; focusing the athlete and team beyond the typical emotional and questioning filters; harnessing the automatic responses that the athletes have; and triggering the performance to happen as soon as competition begins.

Stuart is different…the process is different…and it is that difference that world champions and elite teams are searching for.

Sport is 90% mental at the elite level, yet so many athletes and teams have no form of mental training. Don’t leave success to chance. Book Stuart for your team and take the luck and guess work out of winning.

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