Affectionately known as TheTravelDame, Ahesha Catalano is a published author, entrepreneur, educator, travel agent and keynote speaker who works with hundreds of men and women from all over the globe. As a National Executive at one of the top travel agencies in the country, she trains thousands of travel agents on how to build a successful business, servicing individuals just like yourself. She has helped clients create retreats of a lifetime that were profitable for them and memorable for their clients and she'd love to do the same for you! Ahesha combines her extensive travel knowledge and public speaking experience to help novice entrepreneurs and small business owners expand their reach and take their message to new heights. TheTravelDame will give you a road map that takes you from the ideas swirling around in your head to booking that dream retreat. Learn what questions you need to ask yourself, your clients and your travel agent to ensure that your event meets your needs and provides a great experience for all. Learn when to start planning, how to select the perfect location and so much more. In her Profitable Retreats training, TheTravelDame gives you what you need to know. She won't hold your hand through it. Instead she will work WITH you, showing you exactly what to do, how and why. If you've ever thought about doing a retreat, this training is for you and Ahesha Catalano is just the person to help you.

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Profitable Retreats

Ahesha Catalano

You are probably thinking that planning your retreat is going to take a long time and be a difficult process. Well, guess what? That’s just not true. It can actually be FUN!!!! And why shouldn’t it be? You have a great, supportive following and a message that can impact their life and business. Why shouldn’t you enjoy the process of taking your platform to the next level, at the beautiful destination of your dreams?

Let The Travel Dame provide with you step by step guidance in creating exciting retreats that are rewarding for your participants AND profitable for you!

Seriously! Look no further. This is the program for you. The Travel Dame will guide you through the process and help you create the retreat of your clients’ dreams.

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