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“When you start a conversation with Stacy, prepare to be engaged.”

Dr. Stacy Feiner is an Innovative Business Psychologist and CEO of Feiner Enterprises. She solves invisible dynamics within corporations, investor-owned companies, family-owned companies, management teams, and boards. Her method brings psychology and the responsibilities of leadership to the forefront of business to improve the bottom line. She is an expert at leveling-up your team to create the ultimate competitive advantage. Stacy's latest book is Talent Mindset: The Business Owner's Guide to Building Bench Strength. She publishes in Forbes, Fortune, and other business magazines, speaks across the country, sits on various private boards including the Executive Committee for the Private Directors Association – Cleveland Chapter.

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Psychology Unleashes Creativity

Stacy Feiner

Businesses of all sizes want the competitive advantage wherever they can find it, and innovation is where it’s at.

Inspiring creativity in people requires more than a foosball table in the lunchroom or a kitchen stocked with snacks, you actually need new ideas — original thoughts — in order to have innovation.

Creativity originates in the human mind and when the conditions are right, we suspend our minds from habits of convention, escape the present, reconstruct the past and imagine the future — to envision something that does not exist and change the world with it. Goals and processes are important for accountability but to access creativity, using psychology offers a whole new approach.

Psychology Unleashes Creativity is an interactive presentation that awakens audiences to possibility and introduces specific techniques to harness it. A nationally recognized speaker, Dr. Stacy Feiner, helps companies optimize the performance by solving the invisible dynamics that hold them back. Shift the mindset of an entire workforce by grappling with new ideas, thinking in new ways, shaking bad habits, and propelling forward in ways they never thought possible. Fortune 100 Corporations, Investor-owned portfolios, Family-owned businesses, Non-profits, Institutions make an annual event to keep it alive.

To stimulate innovative thinking in your company,
* Create the conditions for innovative thinking
* Ignite the psychological receptors
* Practice specific types of thinking
* Embrace the necessary teamwork
* Communicate better by circulating ideas
* Make achieving the competitive advantage a team sport


  • Learn how to create the conditions for innovative thinking
  • Practice the thinking techniques that evoke innovation
  • Realize how self-awareness optimizes performance

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