With over 20 years of experience in professional selling, Adrian has tremendous credibility before any sales audience. His experience in the field informs his role as a sales strategist and trainer. Adrian is the Past President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (Toronto Chapter), and the president of management consulting firm Whetstone Inc. He has earned a reputation for delivering insightful and exhilarating keynotes and workshops. Clients include ITW, E2open, KPMG, Johnson & Johnson & Pro Mach. Adrian is also a certified Competitive Intelligence Professional (CIP) and a certified Professional in Business Process Management (P.BPM).

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Storytelling for Sales Professionals

Adrian Davis

This program is designed for experienced sales professionals that want to see bigger results fast! Many sales professionals are unclear about how they should pursue larger, million dollar or multi-million dollar deals. Often, this lack of knowledge also leads to a lack of confidence. Now, there’s no need for your team to feel intimidated about doing large deals. They’ll get the education, motivation and coaching to help them achieve new levels of performance.

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