Andrew (Andy) Bringuel, II, was a FBI Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) Instructor/Consultant/Researcher at the FBI Academy’s Behavioral Science Unit with over 27 years. He has extensive experience as a researcher, trainer, negotiator, consultant, investigator and manager before retiring in April 2017.

Andy has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Criminology and Education, respectively. He managed two successful research programs including the Behavioral Informatics Technology Studies (BITS) program which looked at 21st century technologies and impact on human cognition and behavior as well as the Terrorism Research Analysis Program (TRAP) that was awarded the Thomas Jefferson Award for research by the University of Virginia.

Mr. Bringuel provides the rarest of combinations including operational investigative experience, management experience, academic research told in a practical and humorous instructional style.

A dynamic public speaker who has taught around the world, he ties academic concepts to compelling story-lines like the use of deception while working as an undercover Agent for a year, or the use of quantitative and qualitative analysis in finding a key piece of evidence of a bomb used to kill a federal judge, or the use of trust and control to influence the behavior of a criminal informant.

Whether you are looking to better understand relational leadership principles to improve employee relations or how to improve sales through the use of behavioral analysis assessments for targeted negotiations Andy Bringuel can help.

The BSU, LLC has a broad portfolio with training on a number of topics including Cyber Security affecting (Wetware ) Human Factors, and understanding the science of happiness to improve stress management and resiliency or improve emotional intelligence through mindfulness training the BSU, LLC should be who you call.

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Stress Management & Resiliency

Andrew Bringuel, II

This course can be a one hour motivational lecture to a three day course on the science of happiness

This program covers how humans think and behavior starting with the biopsychosocial model. Its explained that its not a chicken or egg question as all human behavior is first biologically oriented, then socially oriented, and finally psychologically oriented. The fourth dimension affecting behavior is context or time/space.

This class will cover the science of happiness and the studies that show that stress management is really about understanding the world around us while remaining in the present (mindful). This class increases emotional intelligence through mindfulness training which in turn makes the student more aware of the biopsychosocial limits in their time/space.

The concept of the box is discussed as well as the concepts of pro-social and counter-social environments. This course message is deeper than “develop a new attitude and change behavior” as it looks at ecological changes that help facilitate a positive behavior change.

This course can literally change your life!


  • There is science to happiness
  • We create environments that promote well being and managed stress
  • Life is a series of choices and each one has a consequence.

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