Mr. Campagna is president of The MOST Inc., leadership and organizational development firm with a specialty in community engagement—Latino Style! Jerry's varied experiences as a media and community outreach expert, talent developer and strategic planner, gives him a unique set of skills in developing client initiatives.

Mr. Campagna is the former publisher of Reflejos Publications, credited with growing the small monthly newspaper with a dedicated team into the nation's largest bilingual journal serving acculturated Latinos; Reflejos was honored in 2005 by Editor & Publisher as one of the nation's “10 That Do It Right” publications in the United States—in any language.

Jerry has been recognized by a number of community organizations including The Chicago Fire Soccer's Hispanic Hero Award; the National Association of Hispanic Publications with over 25 editorial awards and an Honorary Degree from Harper Community College which acknowledged his contributions and leadership in the Chicago suburban Latino community.

Jerry currently serves as Adjunct Faculty with the University of Notre Dame's Nonprofit Executive Education program. He also developed an innovative the TribeVIBE Team/Talent Assessment which is highly effective in leveraging existing resources both in the corporate and non-profit sectors.

Jerry and his wife Phyllis also co-authored the book, TIMEOUT! To Retreat, Review & Renew; a personal/professional strategic planning process based on their annual sabbatical.


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Talent Assessment-TribeVIBE Your Team!

Jerry Campagna

The TribeVIBE… Team/Talent Engagement System provides a refreshing tool for personality and team dynamics assessment. The strength-based approach quickly identifies individual talents via a short online survey (up to 10 assessments are included in this module) which are emailed to the participants prior the webinar.

During the program, the facilitator will share TribeVIBE best practices related to team dynamics, effective communication and an innovative approach to team leadership based on the concept of the Steward.

This interactive program is based on the facilitator’s 20 plus years’ experience in developing effective “street teams” for community outreach initiatives. These strategies provide participants with a proven method to leverage their resources.

Every Program Purchase Includes

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  • Expert Feature Management: Customized features are available to Cast participants per Client specification.
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