Josh Levs is a communications leader with 20 years of experience inside top news agencies and working with corporations and organizations. A former NPR and CNN journalist, he is the leading expert in helping brands develop their narratives, attract positive media coverage, and showcase executives as thought leaders.

Levs is also a top global thought leader on Diversity & Inclusion, helping businesses and organizations transform and achieve gender equality. Businesses have called his work “mind blowing” and “enlightening” and named him “the leader we need.”

Levs has always created his own career, including on-air roles at CNN and NPR, as he explains in his popular TEDx Talk “Breaking the System to Achieve the Impossible.” He describes rising up against struggles, including with his health and that of his wife and children. Through motivational speeches and talks on innovation, he shares the keys to finding inspirations and bringing dreams to life.

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The 5 Steps to Create Your Own Career

Josh Levs

The work you dream of doing isn’t an unattainable wish. It’s your purpose—and your instincts are letting you know that.

Now is the time for you to do what you were meant to do, and be paid well for it.

Josh Levs lives by this rule. He has designed his own entire successful career, including on-air roles at NPR and CNN, without ever applying for a job. He launched his own agency helping men carry out the world’s greatest marriage proposals. Most recently, he made himself an internationally acclaimed, award-winning author and sought-after speaker.

Now, he’s divulging the steps allowing anyone to carve their own professional path.

In this program, you’ll learn the secrets to making your dream a reality, including how to:

– “Tune out the noise” and envision the career you want
– Decipher and excel at the skills you’ll need, quickly
– Break free from the systems holding you back
– Trick naysayers (whether they be colleagues, bosses, family, or frenemies) into unintentionally helping you
– Maximize the opportunities that virtually everyone else misses
– Skip the proverbial “ladder” to success and, instead, skyrocket to the top

You’ll also learn the crucial steps that will allow you to monetize your dream from the beginning. This program includes exclusive information from Levs that you won’t find anywhere else.

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