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I'm a former senior Procter & Gamble executive that successfully ran 4 separate, multi-billion dollar businesses, a three-time award winning author including the #1 Amazon bestseller in Management Science "Leading from the Middle," faculty at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business for Exec. Ed., and a former columnist for Inc.com with nearly 2 million monthly readers.

Clients consistently tell me I held their audience spellbound with a one-of-a-kind blend of business experience, fascinating research, storytelling, tools, and hi-octane delivery that opens hearts and minds. I'm told audiences always walk away inspired and equipped to take action with the host of practical tools/insights I provide.

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The Feel of World Class Teams

Scott Mautz

The key driver of the most collaborative, tightest-knit, top-achieving teams might surprise you. Cutting-edge research (informed by increasingly greater proportions of millennials and Gen Z’ers) shows that it’s not about who is on the team, what the team has accomplished in the past, or what its processes and procedures are, but how the team makes you feel. It’s all about the team norms, the psychological and behavioral vibe present; i.e. how membership on that team makes each team member feel.

The audience discovers this insight, then learns how they can foster their own super-harmonious team, one both rewarding to be on and that gets big time results. It requires understanding and acting on the 6 most common and powerful sentiments that world-class teams feel – the 6 sentiments that statistically correlate most with a tight-knit, top-achieving team. Specifically, world-class teams feel:

– No fear of failure –
– Psychological safety/no fear of criticism –
– Comfort with the unknown –
– The will to persevere –
– Caring and camaraderie –
– Interdependence –
The audience becomes aware of these sentiments and well-equipped to foster each one on their own team.

This energizing keynote draws from the multi-award-winning, bestselling books, Find the Fire and Make It Matter. Powerful stories, insightful examples, fascinating research, humor, and compelling oratory are all woven together into a highly memorable talk.

Length: 60-75 minutes

Target audience: Anyone wanting to forge a highly collaborative, tight-knit team that consistently overdelivers.

The audience walks away with:

awareness of the 6 sentiments that world-class teams foster and
understanding of how to replicate those feelings on their own team
a deep sense of inspiration and energy from what they’ve just heard
a set of practical tools and a desire to use them immediately


  • It's not who is on the team, or the team's processes - but how the team makes you FEEL
  • Learn how to foster your own super-harmonious team
  • Learn the 6 sentiments that world-class teams foster

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