Kate Cook.

Kate Cook gives talks and workshops to business clients empowering their staff to adopt healthier lifestyles. Fresh, creative, and practical information is delivered in an interactive style that encourages involvement and engagement.

Kate is passionate about making nutritional change easy and effective. She is a highly experienced international speaker and her successful practice methods have secured extensive TV appearances, publishing deals, magazine features, and commissions as an international keynote speaker.

As founder and director of the Harley Street clinic The Nutrition Coach, Kate has personally worked with more than 7,500 patients face-to-face.

TV appearances include UKTV’s "The Truth About Beauty."

Books include: “Get Healthy for Good” (Whole Health), “Drop a Dress Size”, “Shape Up Your Life”, “Be Incredibly Healthy”, “An Unfit Mother” (Harper Collins), the “Corporate Wellness Bible” (52 Brilliant Ideas), “Kate Cook's Wellness Guide” (Infinite Ideas), and soon to be published in May 2018 “Strategic Eating”.

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The Happiness Factor

Kate Cook

In the talk/workshop “The Happiness Factor” I explore the difference between pleasure (addiction, eg to tech, phones, food) verses real and lasting blissful happiness – what are the 7 elements that research agrees make up happiness rather than addiction? In the West, we often mistake pleasure for happiness as if these terms are interchangeable, but underlying pleasure is the stimulation of the powerful hormone of addiction (dopamine), whilst the Holy Grail of Happiness lies in other human happiness hormones (serotonin/oxytocin). How can we tweak our biochemistry to help us perform at our best? The foundation of course is food, with some other researched, supporting modalities. The data shows that happy employees make productive employees, let’s explore that possibility!


  • Learning the difference between pleasure and happiness
  • Understanding how to perform at your best
  • Happy = Productive

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