Aaron Young is a trusted advisor for business owners and creator of The Unshackled Owner program for entrepreneurs looking to build a business that's bigger than they are. Aaron is Chairman/CEO of Laughlin Associates, a company that has helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs incorporate their companies. This has, among other things, given Aaron a real-world, catbird seat to observe common mistakes in businesses from yacht brokers to pharmacies to manufacturers.
This paired with his over 30 years experience owing 3 multi-million dollar businesses as well as his working as an officer for a publicly traded, multi-national company, sets him apart from the crowd as a voice of real world knowledge and authority.

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The Unshackled Owner

Aaron Young

Here is what I know…

Your business should be working harder for you than you are for it.

To be clear, if you’re missing family events, if you’re up all hours of the night sleepless and stressed out and you spend countless hours working just a little bit harder because you believe that’s the solution to all of your problems…

You’re doing it wrong. Your business is supposed to be working for you, not the other way around

A real business is designed to turn your assets into revenue, your revenue into profits and your profits into spendable cash. However, most business owners have no idea how to do this.

Here is what I know… I can help you make your business into an asset not just a glorified job.

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