Ken Keis, Ph.D., is a foremost global authority on behavioral assessment strategies and processes, an expert in leadership, purpose, and wellness. He has authored over 4 million words of content, including 500 articles, 4 books, and a dozen assessments. Ken's purpose is to help others to Live, Lead and Work On Purpose! Dr. Keis is President and CEO of Consulting Resource Group International, Inc. (CRG), which has served thousands of companies, associations, industry groups, and leaders in over 30 countries.

In the past 32 years, Ken has personally conducted more than 3,000 presentations and 10,000 hours of coaching and consulting. He is a highly sought-after author, speaker, trainer, podcast host “Secrets of Success TM with Dr. Ken Keis”, and TV and media guest. His latest books include: Why Aren't You More Like Me?, Deliberate Leadership, and The Quest For Purpose. His experience covers all areas of development---career, business, sales, personal, professional, purpose, wellness, leadership, communications, team building, HR, and organizational. More than 1 million people in 30 countries and 12 languages have engaged CRG processes to enrich their lives. Clients include Boeing, Chrysler, Honda, London Drugs, AT&T, GTE, Manulife Financial, European Center for Leadership Development, universities, career centers, and thousands of HR professionals, coaches, individuals, and small business owners around the globe.

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Transforming Leadership – Foundational Skills Required by EVERY Leader to Succeed

Ken Keis

Research has revealed that 70% of individuals feel that their supervisor or leader is incompetent? Leadership Skills (or lack of) create work cultures, engagement levels, productivity and levels of success.

Dr. Keis will take you through specific development models, that if you implement them ─ it will transform your professional and leadership effectiveness and positively impact your organization. Prior to this session each participant will complete the Leadership Skills Inventory-Self to benchmark their understanding and agreement with core Leadership Principles and rate themselves on 60 Leadership Skills.

This is a 90-minute session with the option to do an extended development version with multiple sessions.
*Priced for up to 10 participants. Call for pricing of larger groups.


  • Learn a simple yet powerful model on how to measure an individual’s readiness and willingness to change.
  • Discuss with your peers the 12 Foundational Principles of Transforming Leadership.
  • Review your results from CRG’s Leadership Skills Inventory-Self© by benchmarking your leadership skill level in five categories and 60 skills (Self-Management, Interpersonal Communication Skills, Coaching and Problem Management, Team and Consulting Skills, Versatility and OD Skills). Learn how each skill set contributes to your leadership effectiveness.

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