Why Aren’t You More Like Me? Discover the Secrets of Understanding Yourself and Others

Sarah Landa

Understand Your Natural Preferences & Others’ Differences and learn how to play to your strengths, stop feeling offended, and act intentionally.

In recent research conducted by Talent Smart, it was established that only 2% of the population can or will realize their potential without the information that you are going to learn in this session.
This includes intentionally making career and job decisions, interpersonal skills and awareness, confidence, leadership and relationship success. This learning equally applies to you the career development professional, as well as the clients you serve-so these sessions are of double benefit.

Your will Learn:
• Why and How to Develop the Whole Person
• The importance of Self-Awareness and why is it core to any successful career process , development of growth – change is not possible without it
• The Foundational Knowledge of Personal Style and it is not what most think!
• Are we Nature or Nurture?
• You will learn about your Personal Style Patterns and how they influence every choice, career decision and interaction you make with others and your environment
• Fresh new definitions of Extroversion and Introversion and how past definitions have been harmful to individuals
• A process on how to quickly identify someone else’s preferences – and in just a couple minutes – and how this will transform everyone of your relationships
• Identify triggers that have contributed to hindering your ability to engage and build relationships with others and affected your success. You will be able to teach this to your clients.
• What motivates but also upsets others who are different than you and what to shift in your approaches to better serve, support and lead others – especially your clients.
• Document an Action Plan to implement this information in your life and the clients you serve.
• And finally have fun during the sessions in a safe, supportive learning environment.


  • Understand your personal style strengths and challenges
  • Learn how to instantly build credibility and influence others
  • Practice a simple yet powerful 3 Step process to improve your interpersonal communications

Every Program Purchase Includes

  • Gear Checks and Final Systems Check: Your Geniecast Experience Specialist will test the audio, video, and internet connection for your primary location as well as the Genie (Presenter).
  • Expert Feature Management: Customized features are available to Cast participants per Client specification.
  • Live Technical Support: We’re with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth end-to-end Cast experience.