Josh Levs is a communications leader with 20 years of experience inside top news agencies and working with corporations and organizations. A former NPR and CNN journalist, he is the leading expert in helping brands develop their narratives, attract positive media coverage, and showcase executives as thought leaders.

Levs is also a top global thought leader on Diversity & Inclusion, helping businesses and organizations transform and achieve gender equality. Businesses have called his work “mind blowing” and “enlightening” and named him “the leader we need.”

Levs has always created his own career, including on-air roles at CNN and NPR, as he explains in his popular TEDx Talk “Breaking the System to Achieve the Impossible.” He describes rising up against struggles, including with his health and that of his wife and children. Through motivational speeches and talks on innovation, he shares the keys to finding inspirations and bringing dreams to life.

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Why Your Business Isn’t Getting News Attention But Your Competitor Is

Josh Levs

Positive news coverage from mainstream media organizations is essential.  It gives your brand, business, or project—and you yourself—a level of credibility unlike anything else.

But with so much media “noise,” how do you get through?  Why are your competitors showing up in interviews and quoted in articles?

To succeed at this crucial game, you have to know how to work what Josh Levs calls the Modern Major Media.

With an unparalleled track record, Josh guides you through the steps to take your rightful place in the news zeitgeist.  After 20 years reporting for major mainstream outlets, especially NPR and CNN, Josh has put this knowledge to work for himself in launching his own book and business. Now, he shows up in virtually all the major media—from multiple stories in the New York Times and Washington Post, to major networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and more) to national and international radio interviews and the top websites.

In this program, Josh will spill the secrets to help you do the same, so you can own your space in the news cycle, both short-term and long-term.

It’s time for you to skyrocket past the competition.

Key takeaways:
– The mindset reversal necessary for understanding the news cycle
– How to find and build relationships with key players at news organizations
– The new technologies that offer you access to news decision makers
– The daily rituals that can make your brand a media juggernaut

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